Dadswagger exists to close the gap between Fathers and Families. 

DS closes this gap by providing dads a platform to share their stories, providing a community for dads to receive support, and a shop to show dads appreciation. 


I am a father of 2 that lives on a farm in the midwest. We left our crazy lives in LA and brought the family back here for some quality. I always knew that I would be a father, and have never felt more at home in a role in my life. There are plenty of challenges, but never have I doubted this path. My father and I had a talk years ago that was much like a reckoning. There was a lot of space between us. We were not close, and I feel that we share this dynamic with most. We were able to squash this gap, and this took the greatest weight off of my shoulders. This is when I began to foster this desire to start something that would help fathers. When I had my own children, it came to me what I wanted to do. With fatherhood comes a great deal of swagger, we are here living this life for more than just ourselves. We need to celebrate this place in our lives and be proud of it. This is my small effort in representing for the dads out there. This is meant to be a community for fathers to come to. This is meant to be a resource for dads. This won't spread with just me. I need your help. Tag and share away. Contribute in the comments section on the blog, and there is more coming!!