Dad Fitness

Becoming a father not only changed my priorities in the gym, it also changed my available time and energy. Flexibility and Mobility became a huge priority for me. Flexibility referencing available space inside a range of motion of a particular joint, and Mobility meaning movement through a range of motion in a loaded manner. I found myself on the floor with our girls much more than I ever had been before which wreaked havoc on my hips. I also began to sleep in strange positions due to our choice to co-sleep with our kiddos, and this began to wreak havoc on my shoulders. My training began to morph into much of a different beast. I am sure you have your own battles with training in your life. This page is meant for those looking for some little nuggets to throw in and reinvigorate your program. Feel free to reach out at any time for clarification or ideas. I am happy to shoot ideas back and forth.


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