Be Better

I need to be better. You need to be better. We need to be better. There is a real problem going on  in this city right now. There is a real problem going on in our country right now. There is a real problem going on with this planet right now. Open up a newspaper, hell just look at the cover, click on any social media channel. What is the first thing you see? Some bullshit about someone killing someone else, or stealing something or lying, or someone beating/killing an animal, or this damn political mess we are in, or a bomb going off in some public place. This is sad, this is real sad.

We have been missing the point for awhile now. People just don’t care. They/You/I don’t care for each other. They/You/I don’t care for our planet. Most importantly, They/You/I don’t care for ourselves.

I am just as guilty as the next guy, and am happy to shoulder the blame. I have done plenty of destructive things in my time, destructive to myself, destructive to property, and destructive to relationships. It’s time to stop these things. It’s time for me to just Be Better. Its time for you to Be Better. Its time for us to Be Better.

My wife and I are excitedly awaiting the birth of our second child. This becomes more real by the day. And let me tell you its quite a realization. With this comes tons of joy, and also a very steep helping of responsibility. I have to Be Better for my family, we have to Be Better for our children.

The root of my experience in my life is me. I have to take ownership of that and deal with my demons. I need to walk down this path and Be Better. There is no one else that can shoulder this. I think this is the root of a lot of the problems we have as a family, as a city, as a country, and as a world today. I suggest you take a look at yourself as well.

I see people acting out against others doing amazingly disrespectful things. I still can’t believe the video I saw of a lady stealing a home-run ball from a little girl. GREAT JOB LADY!! We watch presidential debates, and our candidates can’t even give the other time to talk. Look you have 2 min, then shut it down. Seems real damn hard. We have a country that can’t seem to charge enough in taxes, or make enough money with the pharmaceutical industry despite peoples health. Oh, the vaccination ridiculousness! We have insurance companies that don’t pay out after natural disasters. And the list goes on and on.

Let’s just make a little agreement. Be Better. Don’t do it for me, don’t do it for you, don’t do it for your neighbor, do it for our kids. They after all are the only ones that seem to show us what life should be. They show us joy, they show us love, they show us calm. Think of the last time you saw someone ignore a baby waiving at them. Think of the smile that immediately hit that persons face.

I have watched my daughter crack the most stone faced patrons while walking down the street. She waives at everyone. We pulled up to a teenager playing loud music in his sweet ride with a sneer on his face. She looked over and caught his eye and waved and smiled, and what do you know, he broke that sneer and smiled and waived back. It’s there! The good in people is just below the surface. We walked down the street, and passed a homeless man, muttering to himself amidst cuss words, kicking leaves. She smiled and waived, and what do you know. So did he. It’s right there. But in order to start seeing that, its gonna take some ownership of this bullshit.

Be Better! All you need to focus on is yourself. Be Better in your life. Encourage those around you to Be Better in their lives. I am referring to everything. Be Better with your Money, Be Better with your Family, Be Better with your Work, Be Better with Yourself. Chase down your demons and deal with them. Figure out why you act the way you do. If we can each own our own stuff, we might have a chance at getting somewhere.

Our kids have a lot to learn from us. But we have really messed some things up. All of us adults out here being ridiculous with our lives. We have forgotten a lot of important things, and have a lot to re-learn from children. After all, this world is theirs, and there will be a day that they will take the reigns, and steer this place where they want. We owe it to them to get our shit together.

So……….Be Better!!!

2 years later commentary

I think the big thing here comes down to accountability. Being accountable for our lives begins betterment. The game is still about each of us individually, it’s still about making your proverbial bed. Are you willing to look into that mirror and see what is revealed, and then step forward?

Our kids watch everything we do, they watch us fall, and they watch us deal with it. The watch us hurt, and be angry, and they watch us be joyful. They watch us strive for things. And they watch us miss.  Constantly gathering information and socking it away in their little minds. Our kids also fall and feel all these same emotions, but have you seen them switch from anger immediately to joy? I have and it’s incredible. They don’t hold onto it. They definitely feel it and then let it go. I love this and it drives me crazy in the moment. Because I have learned the ability to hang on to emotions.

We all have stains in our lives, we all have scars. And we all choose to lead our lives today. And this is our opportunity for renewal and for betterment, to use our missteps to better this world for our kids, hell to better this world for each other. And to better this world for ourselves.

The good news is at any moment you literally possess all you need to make massive change. You literally have the keys to the castle. The ripple that takes place when people start to choose betterment is felt everywhere. Are you gonna choose to be better?