Take it in the Teeth

Recently, I have been spending a lot more time with my girls, as Mama has gone back to work. Managing the erratic movements of two small children can become quite cumbersome at some points. Our oldest is 2 going on 27, so walking and talking are pretty commonplace. Its a trip what she is actually capable of. She constantly is doing things that we miss as parents, an great example is her closing the gates behind us when we forget. She actually is quite the team player until she gets hungry or tired, which is pretty much like her papa. 

Our youngest is 8 months and she is in the “Only thing I want to do is stand up” stage. She stands up and she falls, then she stands right back up and falls. The days are full of thuds. As a parent, accepting this can sometimes feel daunting. She is going to fall, over and over and over again. I put padding underneath the carpet all the way around the couch, so that when she does fall it’s softer. I watched her flat back it, ending in a large thud on the newly padded floor. She began to cry and then realized it didn’t hurt, and got right back up, and did the same. Accepting that I have to be ok with her failing, seemingly was a task I continually have trouble with. 

This is where my realization came. Babies are models for us as adults. We look at them, and try to mold them. When we should be taking some notes. They don’t give up, despite pain, despite repetitive failure. They don’t remember, or they just don’t care. Babies have no shame, they have no care for the winding path to progress. They are drawn to progress, they are drawn to achievement. They absolutely have feelings and emotions, and they are happy to let us all know about them. But they instantaneously forget, and switch directions. 

I watched my baby girl bust the two teeth she has on the corner of the couch, and cry her eyes out. Then immediately after checking in with me with a short look, went right back to standing up in the same spot, to fall again. Narrowly missing this fine mouthful of baby teeth. 

Life is really about failing, and how you deal with it. The golden part of this story is crazy evident with children. They just try again. The fail doesn’t stay with them at all. Maybe we should take stock of how we treat failure in our lives. Rewind to a time when you were not so touchy about failures. Rewind to a time when you fell and hit your face and you just got right up and went on. Rewind to a time, when you totally botched a project or a job, and came right back harder. Think of the innocence of children when you need some extra gumption to keep you going. Because they literally depend on us to carry them into this life. Time to shake it off and show up.