Dad Movement Monday : Sit to Squat (Baby Assist)

Hip Mobility, Hip Mobility, Hip Mobility. The longer I am in the fitness world, the more I appreciate hip mobility. If there was one thing I would say that is lacking the most in men and dads for that matter it is hip mobility. Spending time on the floor with your children is such a joy. I find myself on the floor with them all of the time instead of the couch/bed/alternatives. Letting your lack of flexibility literally inhibit your experience with your children is pretty serious business, as far as quality of life goes.

In this video I am using my daughter as a counterweight to help make up for my lack of flexibility. She is having fun, papa is having fun and getting more flexible. It's a win/win for both of us. Using your kids as the resistance to move with is pretty "functional." I only use this buzz word because the chances of you doing something non-functional with your kid is very small. Instead of functional think natural. Is this movement natural to my life? 

If this is a great challenge for you, start in reverse. Try to sit down to a low stair with them first. Then progressively you can work your way to the floor. Then you can start standing up, and sitting back down for reps. The end goal being to stand up, by bringing your heels in towards your butt, with no small human counterbalance. Still working my way to this. Good Luck Boys!