Dad Movement Monday : Banded March

This is crazy. I started doing these Dad Movement Mondays a while back hoping to reach some dads out there, and give them some ideas. I received a message awhile back with a request. The request was an exercise that would relate to your kids hanging on your legs. How could we as dads train for this intensely labored walk? How could we make our Dadlife easier? How can we make our bodies better, for the direct benefit of our children’s experience? 

Well here you go my friend. If there was a way to torture yourself the banded walk would be right up there. As you will notice in the video, the bands are anchored to arms that come off the squat rack. Make sure the anchor point is steady because the tension you are about to apply is pretty great. Once you have a band/bands anchored to the floor, grab a belt, and some sort of strap to attach you to the belt and not cut it. I found some Husky storage straps at Home Depot that work fantastic. They come with an attached carabiner that make it really easy. 

Once you have yourself attached to the band/bands start to march. The goal is to bring your knee up and not your heel. Your goal here is the movement in your hip joint. The band will force your hips into an anterior tilt, your job is bring it back into a more neutral position. This is going to happen with the help of your glutes. You will quickly learn where your glutes are somewhere about 45 seconds in. The first goal here is to maintain a good position with your hips. Try 3 minutes 3 different times. After the first three minutes, throw a comment up and tell me how you feel. The curse words will abound. But the lightness you will feel in contrast to the overwhelming tension is astounding. Put this in your program once a week or so, and I bet you will start to feel a real difference in a couple months. Another very nice bonus here, is that we can load the hips tremendously, and not load the spine. 

Developing strong hips will very much improve your quality of life. Our hips are our link to the earth. We produce force from the ground. We carry our kids on this platform we create with the stability in our hips. Being able to create a solid structure with our body is a very needed skill. Stay strong dads. Let me know how this goes.