Growth and Progress

Linear movement is not life. Life is about growth. Growth happens in all directions. Blinders are all too familiar to those that are in pursuit of something, but don’t let those blinders hinder your growth as a person. I have been exponentially guilty of holding myself to a course to my fault. I have been guilty of evaluating my success on single metrics, while ignoring wild success in plenty of other areas in my life. Let me be the first to admit my gross underestimation of the things that actually matter. 

Having children changes the game. Having children pushes your outside of your normal navigational beacons. You very easily end up off course. But the question is, off what course. What is your aim? How are you evaluating yourself? What course are you on anyway? What are your beacons? 

First of all, you are your own beast. You are on your own unique path. Your answers are yours. And dammit you need to come to your own conclusions. Sit down and get in your own space. Get with your partner and decide what you want for your life, and go for that. Evaluate yourself on that.