Dad Movement Monday : Farmers Carry

Maybe one of the simplest movements to practice, and for sure the most overlooked. You are only as strong as your grip. And fatherhood will most definitely test this. Pick up something heavy, and walk as far as you can. Then repeat. The faster you go the easier this is, to a certain extent of course. I can’t honestly tell you that running with your bodyweight in each hand is helpful to the cause, but for sure slowly creeping along like a jungle cat stalking prey will not rank highly eitherTime under tension is your best friend and your worst enemy. Its amazing the shapes the rest of your body will make whilst your grip begins to fail. Shoulders roll forward, facial expressions become epic, you may walk up on the balls of your feet, seemingly trying to imitate a preying mantis. Grip is so deeply connected to all of our tissues, and this movement will expose this relationship. 

Very simply make the shape of a deadlift to pick up the objects. Feet will be placed under your hips, hip will be below your shoulders. Once you have ahold of the implements stretch your head to the sky, bringing your chest up and your back into a flat position. You should feel your hands applying pressure to the implements, and your feet applying pressure to the floor. Take in a deep breathe and squeeze your belly as if someone was going to punch you. Then press your feet into the floor while keeping your chest up. Once you are at standing, maintain your trunk position and walk briskly to your finish. When you get there, feel free to set the weights down. If you are turning around, set the weights down and the pick them up again to come back the opposite direction. I understand that you could turn with them in your hands, but I want you to understand that this is training, and a very important part of training is not risking injury. The benefit of the turn is not worth the risk of the turn. Feel free to take a lighter weight a long distance, or take a maximal weight a short distance. Do everything in between. 

The farmer’s carry is a movement that will make you silly strong. As fathers, the list of unknown tasks is ever increasing. If there is a load of things to carry, you can be assured your hands will be full. Thank the good Lord for wheels so we are not always carrying things, but there will be plenty of times you will call on this skill. Every time we get groceries I think about this. Every time we go to the beach I think about this. There are plenty more times I could list, but you get the point. When you train, train to make your life outside the gym easier. Do the farmer’s carry, and you will not be forsaken. Train hard fellas.