Dad Movement Monday - Wallballs

These may be the best and the worst all at the same time. Can your legs hold up? How strong is your belly? Can your thoracic spine stay in extension? By the way, how is that intense burning in your shoulders? Can you decelerate with the assistance of a 20 lb medicine ball trying to bury you, and come back up for air? 

You see strength training is one thing, and cardiovascular training is, most of the time, another flavor. What happens when you combine the two? A racing heart rate, and a muscle fatiguing monster. What you have is the wallball.  If you have ever been in search of the quickest method to bambi legs and a light headed pukie sensation, make a run at 100 of these bad boys. If your just learning about wallballs, do yourself a favor and don’t go for 100. Try 20 on for size, see what happens, and use a lighter med ball. 

Start with the ball just under your chin, with your elbows beneath the ball. From here perform a front squat, with your hip passing beneath your knee. Once you reach the bottom, begin the explosive phase. The up in the wallball needs to be vicious. The goal is for the squat to be powerful enough to carryover to the press, sending the med-ball sailing up to the target. If the squat is weaker, you need more power from the press. The goal is to use very little press and make the hip drive the main propulsion. Start to string together some reps. Hold your breath throughout the down and up of each rep. When you change direction from down to up, you need to have a solid trunk. Losing position in the bottom becomes very costly quickly. 

Having small children leads to holding small humans a lot. It’s basic math that you will end up walking with them in your arms, climbing stairs with them in your arms, and I am sure you will end up squatting with them in your arms. This is quite taxing on your trunk and your legs. Any and every way to strengthen your situation should be a welcome comfort/staple in your program. Wallballs make all of these scenarios seem doable. Throw these into the plan a couple times a week, and make your body bulletproof. Workout harder, make life easier. You will also be harder to kill. Huge Bonus!

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