Where do you get your answers? Who do you ask your questions to? Who guides you through this fatherhood thing? Are you just feeling in the dark? Do you just listen to your wife/the mother of your children? I can tell you I have just been feeling my way through the past 2 years, more or less doing as I felt best. My wife always has good tips for me when I am lost, and I have been very blessed to have some fathers around me that have cued me into some things that really steered me in the right direction. I consider myself very fortunate in this regard. 

I recently did a survey amongst fathers and mothers to see what resources people knew about for fathers. You know what the overwhelming response was? 


This is terrible! Children need their fathers. But never forget Fathers need support too. Otherwise this thing breaks down. We need community, we need a platform to share our stories. Learning happens from experiences. We all have experiences in our own lives, that many others can learn from. I have 2 daughters, I have no idea what it is like to deal with a son, I have no idea what it is like to have a 5 year old. I will find out, but it sure would be nice to have some support. It sure would be nice to have a community to reach into. It sure would be nice to know that others are out there on the same path. It sure would be nice to have a platform to tell our stories. Well its here. 

This community starts from shared struggles and shared victories. Our shared experiences are in our unique stories. There needs to be a voice. I am happy to be that voice and talk about what I have experienced, but don’t kid yourself this dog won’t hunt unless “We” participate.  

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Support the Fathers in your life. If your a Father participate with your story. Here is a piece of my story. I hope this offers some insight into the journey we are all on.