Dad Movement Monday : Dead Bug Series

The dead bug. Its vicious and glorious all at the same time. Hold your spine against the floor, then move all of your appendages. Achieve range of motion in your big engines (hips and shoulders) and keep your spine in the same place. You see throughout our days our spine moves with us, all of our movements the spine works with the system, meaning if you have a limitation in your shoulder or hip, your spine will likely be part of the adjustment to achieve a task. This is fantastic as far as locomotion goes, but this hides inadequacies in mechanics. You see our bodies are masters at adaptation even when your not necessarily cued into it. In some cases this leads to eventual breakdown of the system, or as the athlete view it, injury. Our trunk is an amazing piece of machinery, it holds us together and supports us, it also moves with us. We must develop all of these. 

The dead bug starts with you on your back, keeping your whole spine pressed into the floor, including the back of your head with your chin towards your chest. Legs are up in the air, knee is straight, quads are tight, and toes are dorsiflexed back towards your face. You may find some hamstring limitations here, if you do, just do the best you can. As you progress, you will develop the ability to straighten your legs and find a better starting position. Arms will also be straight up to the sky with shoulder blades pressing down, your hands will be palms in. This is your starting position. 

From the starting position, maintain your spinal arrangement and let your right arm and right leg go down to the floor and then bring them back to starting position. Repeat 10 times. They do the same for your left side. Then do right arm/left leg, and left arm/right leg. Then do all four. Once you have completed all five movements, consider yourself finished with one set. Repeat for 3 to five sets. 

In the beginning this will probably be pretty challenging, and that is a good thing. That means there is a lot of room for improvement. Our ability to maintain position while under stress, is our ability to keep our body healthy. Having children will test a lot of things in your life. It will damn sure test your physical wherewithal. Its much to your benefit to start doing dead bugs on the daily. Make your trunk strong so you can carry your kids when they are 12, not just babies. You’re their dad, if your not gonna do it, who is? Stay strong fellas.