Sitting Amongst Giants

This past weekend I attended an event hosted by Richard and his son Bert Sorin. The event is called Summerstrong and this is the 10th year. Sorinex is there brand, and if you are not familiar with the world of weight training, they make the best equipment in the business. Walk into their building and you will immediately sense greatness. I would say the first 1000 square feet or so is Pop’s collection, and basically the history of weight lifting. They have everything from the first bar Papa Sorin got when he was five, to anvils, to circus dumbbells, to the bar and the plates used in the heaviest deadlift ever recorded, and the heaviest squat ever recorded, the bar was made by Sorinex. They have 1 of 2 gold bars made by Eleiko on the planet, and they use this one still. It is like an encyclopedia of weight training. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour from Pops in which he showed me all of these things and had stories for every piece. I was and still am blown away first of all by the enormity of what is there, and secondly the kindness and care of this man. You see there were easily 500 people there this weekend, and he didn’t know me from Adam, but he led me around and told me story after story, and I couldn’t be more grateful. These people are different, and different in the best kind of way. 

The list of speakers we saw was second to none. There is not enough room in any blog to list the number of accomplishments of these men and women. The crowd was chalk full of characters, and titans of the industry as well. From Olympic medals, to the most decorated of the military, to world class coaches, and professional athletes, the talent and experience in this room, I can not even. The most interesting part about the whole thing is these people talked about themselves, I mean they did not brag about their accomplishments, and most of them didn’t even directly talk about them. Of anything, they were speaking from places entrenched in humility and reverence. They talked about struggle, they talked about journey, they talked about passion, and failure. I am not even gong to try and explain each of them because I stand no chance in being nearly as effective. I can just tell you a room full of 500+ people was left completely silent, and in tears many times.  Routinely we took breaks after a speaker, and I had to walk outside a just gather myself, because what had just been shared was a piece of someones soul. I am telling you if you have ever really opened up to someone about  yourself and your struggle, you have a piece of this in your life. Now opening up to a group of men and women such as this, and bearing your soul. I have to tell you I have never been there, and I am eternally grateful for being there. What I saw does not happen many times in this life, hell I have only seen something like this……now 1 time, what I saw was like watching lightning strike lightning. No one quite knew how to be, but also everyone felt at home. The source of these stories and these unforgettable experiences always humbly said thank you to everyone else for listening. When it was clear that everyone should heartily be thanking them. 

You see in this life there are connections. We all have connections with others in our lives, some of them stronger than others, and for good reason. This place was wildfire. These men and women are connected, and its thick. This weekend is one like no other. It is disguised as an educational weekend packed full of fun, and don’t kid yourself it knocks the ball out of the park in all respects in these two categories. But this weekend is much greater than this. This weekend is about passion, this weekend is about purpose, this weekend is about pursuit, this weekend is about love, this weekend is about greatness. You see Sorinex started because one man loved lifting weights. This man also loved building things. He also is a father. This man had such love for his son, that they built a business from the ground up. This business is Sorinex, and over the years they have found great success. They have been monetarelly successful, but I can tell you this is not what makes these fellas tick. They love the people, they love what they do, they love the connection. Summerstrong is a celebration of this business. Its a celebration of the pursuit of lifting weights and getting stronger. Its the celebration of a fathers love for his son and his pursuit in life. To grow your love for family and blend that with your passion in life. This my friends is an accomplishment. Pops and Bert, Way to Lead! Sorinex is a special place. 

If you have never been, you get your ass there.